Selling Gurami/Kaloi fish around Selangor

Selling Gurami/Kaloi fish around Selangor-Gourami or kaloi is one of the favorite fish of Indonesian people. Gurami has a savory and delicious taste, so it is suitable for processing into various kinds of dishes. Apart from that, gourami is also a fish that is rich in protein and omega-3, so it is good for health.

For the people of Selangor Malaysia etc., if you want to enjoy premium quality gourami, then you need to choose gourami that comes from experienced gourami farmers.

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Selling Gourami/Kaloi fish around Selangor

Premium quality gourami fish has the following characteristics:

  1. Large and proportional size
  2. The flesh color is pure white
  3. Savory and delicious taste

For restaurants around Selangor that sell fish dish, we are ready to become suppliers of gourami fish at affordable prices

We provide high quality, premium consumption size gourami fish. Our gourami fish come from the first experienced gourami fish farmers in Selangor and use good cultivation methods.

consumtion size

Contact us immediately to get further information and order premium consumption size gourami fish.

Selling Gurami/Kaloi fish around Selangor

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